Healing after hair transplant

For a quick recovery: hair transplant through FUE technique

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For a quick recovery: hair transplant through FUE technique

If hair is thinning or falling out completely, then it must not be destiny, it can be treated very well by surgery. We are talking about the hair transplant, where healthy and vibrant hair get transplanted to the bald areas of the head, face or chest and will henceforth ensure an attractive hair density. One of the biggest concerns of the most affected is the recovery after. Hair transplant does not need to mean pain nor long healing period.

For very fast healing: A hair transplant through the latest technical standards

If light areas appear, then not only the hairs have disappeared, but the hair roots died. Here is nothing left to save, where new hair roots must ensure strong hair growth. These get through a hair transplant to the new place. If hair gets transplanted, it always is a surgical procedure in which ultimately the upper skin layers are more or less affected by injuries. The severity of the injury depends above all on the technique that is used by the surgeon.

Donor sites can be found normally in the occiput or to the sides of the head, where genetically hair do not fall off. These hairs are now called upon to provide a higher density in another area.

Whereas previously mostly whole strips of skin with velvet on it of hair and hair roots were used, it is now much more gently and more efficiently with the FUE technique. Hairs are completely removed with its root at a donor site and implanted at a new location again, but only on a small scale through this technique. Only small follicles are removed, that leave an equally small and relatively harmless wound

Rapid healing after hair transplant

As gentle as the FUE technique is used today, it is still a surgical procedure that can leave injuries in the skin layers and affect them. Nevertheless, there are serious differences, especially when it comes to healing. Hair transplant by FUE technique reduces the amount of post-operative pain and a surprisingly rapid healing for each patient.

In FUE technique, the hair is also treated with a nutrient solution which ensures a steady increase in the new area of skin and hair growth boosts immediately. Following this preparation, the healing is complete after a few days, and the hair roots can best efforts provide new hair growth. After just a few months thick hair that is guaranteed not accompanied by unsightly scars is expected.

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